Luciani INFINITI hosts the 2019 IEA

May 23 2019, Shirley Goncalves

Luciani INFINITI hosts the 2019 IEA

Formula 1 is about going beyond and pushing the limits of was once only a dream. Luciani has the pleasure of hosting the INFINITI Engineering Academy again this June, granting a young Canadian Engineer the privilege of a one-year Internship with INFINITI F1 in various international countries. This young winner will go beyond their current achievements into a world of the best of the best in our motorsport, they will in turn share their passion and insight with INFINITI F1. How fitting that we, Luciani, believers in in passion and pushing limits take part in catapulting a young person’s career to new heights. We are extremely proud of our continued partnership with the INFINITI Engineering Academy.

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